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Nazeya Hussain

Non-Executive Director – Lead on Diversity & Inclusion, Solace

Executive Director, London Borough of Lewisham

Nazeya Hussain

Nazeya has worked in local Government for over twenty years and is currently working as an Executive Director of Place in London. She specialises in urban regeneration and wider public sector reform agenda. Her work continues to focus on how we design places to improve life chances for those who are marginalised and often not heard. She has a passion for enhancing community engagement and the needs to shift to more integrated forms of co-design and collaboration within communities.

She has also held several non-executive roles including within an NHS Acute Trust and currently sits on the Solace Board leading on Equality Diversity and Inclusion. She is challenging the sector to develop new approaches to attracting and retaining a more diverse pool of talent that equips us to meet the needs of the sector.

She continues to use her experience and voice on issues of leadership, reform and diversity in public life. She has just launched a new podcast in partnership with Solace called ‘Stories from Local Government’ which features prominent Chief Executives on their career journeys, to both promote awareness of the role and encourage more people to see this a job that can be open to all.

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