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Lucy Trueman

Founder & Managing Director

Trueman Change

Lucy Trueman

Meet Lucy, our Founder and Managing Director, an exceptional and perceptive leader in the public sector change domain, boasting an impressive 20 years of experience in designing and executing transformational journeys and fostering cultural change. With experience in a wide range of local authorities around the country, Lucy is able to quickly assess cultures and design tailor made approaches to driving change which really makes a difference. 


Lucy has recently completed a masters in Organisational Psychology, with her research topic focusing on the approach to organisational change pre, during and post pandemic in local government. After spending the last few months interviewing senior officers and CEOs in local authorities, Lucy is ready to share her findings! 


Last year, during her breakout room session, Lucy shared her invaluable insights into culture and the crucial lessons learned from the pandemic. Her engaging and thought-provoking presentation left a lasting impact on all attendees. Lucy thoroughly enjoys participating in Solace events, and we even had the pleasure of building a living room at one of our gatherings! We look forward to having Lucy continue her meaningful contributions to our community and leveraging her expertise to drive positive change within local government.  

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