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Darius Ward

Principal Consultant

Trueman Change

Darius Ward

We are thrilled to introduce Darius Ward, our Principal Consultant and the newest member of Trueman Change, to our esteemed Solace colleagues this year. With a career dedicated to both the public and private sectors, Darius has demonstrated a passion for improving processes and elevating them to higher standards of efficiency and effectiveness. His commitment to our Trueman Change value of making it better is evident in his diverse skill set and unwavering focus on making things better. For nearly two decades, Darius has worked across a wide array of projects, spanning community and partnerships, policy development and implementation, performance, and risk management, as well as funding allocation and resource alignment. Beyond his impressive expertise, Darius is a captivating public speaker, engaging his audience with profound insights. We are confident that Darius will be an invaluable asset and bring significant positive advice for our colleagues in local government. 

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