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Mark Byrom

Head of ICT and Digital Delivery

St Helens Borough Council

Mark Byrom

Mark is a long-term employee within the IT service at St Helens Council, and for the last three years he has been heading up the ICT & Digital Delivery service within the Local Authority.

Mark has a solid background in the IT space, predominantly from a networking, virtualisation, and datacentre background. With a wealth of experience in delivering technological change during his time at St Helens, Mark has seen the benefits that digital transformation can provide in modernising Council services but has also experienced first hand the challenges of keeping pace with the ever-increasing and very real cyber threats that can significantly disrupt those digital services.

Mark will share his story of leading the response to the cyber-attack, which impacted St Helens Council during the summer of 2023, and how the organisation collectively dealt with the response and achieved recovery within a 12-week period.

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