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Leigh Bowman-Perks


Inspiring Leadership Foundation

Leigh Bowman-Perks

Leigh is a researcher and author of ‘Inspiring Women Leaders’ and forthcoming book ‘Inspiring Leadership & Toxic Turnarounds’, an international speaker, executive coach and facilitator. As a businesswoman and CEO of a charity that aims to improve the economic empowerment and safety of vulnerable women and children, she understands the challenges of leading teams and running a complex international organisation. She has made it her mission in life to develop more inspiring leaders globally, helping to change the landscape so that women and girls can thrive. The Inspiring Leadership Foundation aims to break down barriers to personal empowerment, financial inclusion, and equality for disadvantaged, vulnerable, and at-risk women and girls and is now embarking on an ambitious goal of empowering 100,000 women and girls by 2035 through their Inspiring Futures Academy (IFA). 

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