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Hal Khanom

Head of Strategy and Community Participation

London Borough of Barnet

Hal Khanom

Hal is a strategist and designer who works alongside communities to develop new solutions to increasingly complex challenges. She rethinks systems, the ways we work and how we relate to the place around us, to support democratic renewal and greater fairness.

Translating ideas into delivery, she has led work at the neighbourhood level that creates the conditions for inclusive economies; leading social and economic projects and programmes in inner and outer London in local government, and across the most disadvantaged areas in England and Wales through third-sector philanthropy.

Hal is currently Head of Strategy and Community Participation at the London Borough of Barnet and previously was Head of Economic Development at the London Borough of Bromley.

Hal is a design team member for Joseph Rowntree Foundation's 'Exploring Stigma and Poverty' programme and a Board member at Foundation for Future London.

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