Heather Jameson

Editor, The MJ

Heather Jameson is editor of The MJ, the leading weekly local government title for chief executives and senior managers, and of www.TheMJ.co.uk.

Her career started more than 20 years ago, alongside the birth of the Local Government Association and the beginnings of the Blair government, and she has been a prominent reporter and commentator in the sector ever since.

Heather joined The MJ in 1999 as news editor and rose to her current post of editor. The MJ has gone from strength to strength within the past 20 years, expanding news, views and opinions in the sector and dominating the recruitment market.

She is a regular speaker at both local government events and The MJ’s own events, including The MJ Future Forum, The Future Forum North and The MJ Achievement Awards.

Heather was a member of the Councillors’ Commission, chaired by Professor Colin Copus of De Montfort University, and a passionate advocate of local government.

Heather Jameson
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